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Market Analysis

Industry Overview

Target Market

The HR, Project Management, and

Finance consulting industry, once

dominated by major players

serving multinational companies,

is now witnessing a shift towards

specialization. Increased demand

for customized solutions in areas

like Organizational Development,

Financial Performance, and

Project Management drives this


We offer tailored consulting with

local expertise and cultural

sensitivity, recognizing diverse

markets. We are positioned as an

adaptive partner, aiding clients in

navigating economic changes,

seizing opportunities for

improved Financial Performance,

optimizing Human Resource

Management and efficient Project


Competitive Landscape

The competitive landscape is

characterized by established HR,

Project Management, and Finance

consulting giants. We aim to

disrupt with specialized,

technology-driven solutions,

challenging traditional models

and meeting evolving client


Service Offerings

Financial Performance

• Analytics / Value creation

(Supply Chain & Operations)

• Data and Decision Intelligence

• Strategic Risk Management

• Strategic Cost Accounting


• Optimize cost management,

budgeting, asset control, and

performance evaluation

• Collaborate with executives,

craft financial plans, and

leverage expertise in

accounting tools, industry

dynamics, and analytical skills

for excellence in detail-oriented, organised, and deadline-drive environments


Insights Discovery helps people

understand themselves and

their colleagues so that they can have

more respectful, productive and

positive working relationships, even

across virtual boundaries.

Organisation Review

The competitive landscape is

• Future state analysis



• Quantitative Performance Targets

Organisational Development

• Human process interventions

• Techno-structural interventions

• Human resource interventions

• Strategic interventions

Gap Analysis & Tools

• Lean / Six Sigma

• Total Quality Management (TQM)

• Project Management

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