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Project Testimonials

The Salt Agency difference is found in our customisation & our two decades of

experience making life easier for leaders and teams managing and executing

strategic and operational projects.

Our customers achieve their goals. Their plans are appreciated, their method of

execution is shared across the organisation, and their results are celebrated.


Broadways Stampings & Dysons Diecasting (UK Group)

Key challenge:

Looking to replace their Payroll Software as well as their Time & Attendance

software as it was not working for them. Staff either being shot paid or over paid, no

systems in place.

What client loved about Salt Agency:

"Stephan Barnes" - Salt Agency helped us create project management to restructure the Payroll

Processing as well as the setup on our Time & Attendance software saving us the

cost of 2 new systems, implementations & training. Salt Agency was able to reduce

costs by harmonising processes and simultaneously improve employee trust through

effective and accurate payroll administration. Payroll processing was reduced from a

full-time job to 2 half days a week by implementing simple and consistent processes

across payroll & HR as well as working closely with HR and Line Managers to

streamline all integration, thereby accelerating payment processing, reducing the risk

of errors, and simplifying payroll management.

Creating and spreading best practices in project management across both our

operating companies, empowering teams to create projects according to their

framework. Giving leaders time back to focus back on controlling the execution of

their efforts, allowing portfolios and projects to be measured and delivered against


Salt Agency have everyone speaking one language - strategy execution. They

transformed how they're managing 450+ employees on payroll and standardised

best practices so they're achieving more with less effort.

Support for your journey:

We use two decades of experience across strategy execution, hoshin kanri, lean,

and project management to help you overcome your challenges, spot gaps, and

accelerate success.

Client Testimonials

Serena – Harlev Property Management (Pty) Ltd & Harlev Financial Services (Pty) Ltd
Always a seamless, easy, stress-free experience for me knowing that you are dealing with all the statutory tasks of bi-annual and annual EMP501’s, submissions on Easyfile, dealing with SARS, and handling any payroll & accounting queries I ever have during the year, at any time!  I have an immense amount of confidence in you and your service levels are always tops!

Vera – Delta Petroleum
It has been an absolute pleasure working with you! You are always willing to assist at any given time. I am grateful for your time and efforts that you put into helping me. Thank you for your kindness and generosity always

Sally - Mokaro Investments
It is always a pleasure working with you. Your service no doubt is of the highest quality, and you have been prompt in handling all of my queries.

Nadhia – Team Clothing
I would just like to say that you are brilliant at what you do – every interaction is pleasant and you are always so helpful.

You are always able to resolve issues efficiently, you are always on time for
appointments (virtually and in person) and I have zero negative things to say

Roxanne – Enforce
It’s always a pleasure working with you. You are always professional, and your responses are always quick. 
I also appreciate your help & suggestions with payroll making sure we abide by all the correct legislation as well as saving on tax where we can.

Tony – Prebco
I am happy to state that your service is excellent. I would recommend you to anyone that requires the type of services you offer confident that they will be dealing with the best.

Eth – Hoddy’s Engineering
You are AMAZING! So helpful, so understanding and you have saved our company a whole lot of time, as you are quick and efficient. 
No more waiting on the phone

for hours to get a reply from Sage or trying to find answers through Sage City.

Des – Team Clothing
What can I say, you are a super brilliant.  If I had to score you out of 10 – I will score you a 20.
You are very friendly, always helpful and I will recommend you to everyone that needs and pastel payroll expert.

Sharon – CTC Cranes

Nicole has successfully attended to the professional requirement of the Payroll & HR aspect of our business over the past 12 years. She has proven that she exhibits a rare combination of speed & accuracy that enables her to produce a high volume of work while maintaining excellent standards of quality whilst working on multi-layered tasks & balancing multiple projects concurrently. Thanks to her exceptional outstanding organisational contribution & communication skills, Nicole has helped us overcome some very difficult situations.

Meera – FMHC Rental SA
We acknowledge your timeous and efficient pay roll and SARS compliant processing service. Your attention to detail is also appreciated. We thank you for you excellent Human Resource service delivery and wish you immense success in the times ahead.

Sue – B&M Analysts
We would like to thank you for the continued support you provide to us. Your services have been invaluable and I, personally, sincerely appreciate your quick turnaround times and willingness to help, even with the seemingly silly requests.

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