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"We offer a professional, competent off-site service for all your payroll administration and management requirements."

Our highly professional certified payroll team works with accuracy, confidentiality and are legislative compliant on all payroll and human resources matters and, above all, will ensure your staff are paid accurately, on time, every time.

Set-up includes the following:

  • Checking Company Parameters

  • Checking Employee Information

  • Checking Leave entitlement & balances

  • Logos on pay slips (if required)

  • Confirming all loan & garnishee balances with management

  • Checking setup of Travel/Car Allowances

  • Checking set-up of Medical Aid Transactions

  • Checking set-up of Pension, Provident or RA's

  • Setup of ETI.

Payroll processing includes the following:

  • Process monthly/weekly/fortnightly pay slips. Includes overtime, loans, leave etc.

  • Email pay slip & all month end reports to yourself.

  • Email Electronic Banking File to yourself.

  • Attending to your specified requirements with regards to reports & pay slips.

  • Monthly preparation EMP201 return.

  • Your data is secure & backed up every day.

Why You Should Outsource Your Payroll:


In-house payroll management has many hidden costs:

  • Your company is required to purchase Payroll Software.

  • Your company is required to pay Annual License Fees for this software.

  • Purchase a computer to process the payroll.

  • An employee’s salary to run the payroll.

  • Choosing the best & most compliant software.

  • Keeping up to date on changes by SARS & other sectors that are happening constantly.

  • One single employee responsible for your company’s payroll leaves your business vulnerable to a variety of scams & money theft.

  • Relying on the employee to make backups.

At Salt Agency we offer a wide set of additional services which can increase your business efficiency.  We are always aware of changes in tax legislation and can give your business advice regarding how to handle different types of taxes & saving you money by avoiding penalties & interest.

Salt Agency  can offer your business security, great and easy payroll management at a fair price while letting you focus only your primary business activities which generate you profit.

Bookkeeping Outsourcing

For a fixed monthly fee, our team will take care of all your accounting work that you can’t or don’t want to do.

The arrangement is structured to suit your individual business needs, but the objective is always the same - to relieve you of as much of the accounting function as is operationally possible and to provide up to date management accounts.


  • Maintenance of debtor’s &  suppliers by capturing invoices for both.

  • Supply of Customer Age Analysis for Debt collection

  • Processing of Cash Books (Bank & Petty Cash) & Bank Recon’s.

  • Maintenance of general ledgers.

  • SARS VAT submissions.

  • Management Reports – Stay in the know. We set up, manage and report on your monthly financial management requirements.


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  • Are you actually making real profit?

  • What are your expenses? And how can you reduce them?

  • Are your growing profitably, or are you on your way to financial troubles in a few months?

  • How much money do your customers owe you? (I'm sure there are a couple missing payments here and there that you haven't even noticed yet)

  • How much money do you owe?

  • How much tax do you need to pay? (If your current accounting system isn't actively working to save you money in this area, you're potentially losing millions down the road)

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