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Being a business mentor is a rewarding way to for us to share our expertise,
knowledge, and experience, to help women achieve business success.

Benefits include:
- improving your communication and leadership skills.
- sharing ideas.
- expanding your business networks.
- develop important organisational skills.
- support and challenge you, giving you fair, considered feedback on your performance.
- help develop your problem-solving skills and improve your self-confidence by
allowing you to make your own decisions.

Increasing confidence and self-belief

Some women report being unsure of themselves and may be uncertain about how to
take action. Receiving mentoring advice is one way to overcome uncertainty and can
help kick-start a new business or grow an established one.

Behaviours associated with lack of confidence may include:

  • doubting their ability to achieve goals

  • questioning their ability to succeed

  • wanting to be 100% sure before moving forward

  • comparing themselves unfavourably to others.

In our mentoring role, we can help you to:
- identify self-confidence issues and encourage you to challenge beliefs that lead to
- change your mindset and improve self-confidence.
- identify beliefs that are holding you back.
- help you to get the right information and develop the right mindset to succeed.

Challenging beliefs
Sharing our own personal experiences about facing and overcoming business
challenges and demonstrating how we’re in control of our own success and are
continuing to learn and grow from demanding situations.

We will help you to develop a 'growth' or 'possibility' mindset, and you will start to see
challenging, negative or fearful situations as opportunities to expand, learn and grow.

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