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Tax Consulting

Efficient handling of a growing workload.
Ensuring tax compliance is an increasingly heavy burden. Tax codes are getting more complex, and authorities are demanding increased reporting in their search for non-compliance.

Our approach  
Domestic taxpayers and multinational companies all face increasingly complex tax rules, greater scrutiny from tax authorities, and a bigger obligation to ensure compliance with a complex web of laws. Our consultants have the resources and local knowledge to handle the most obscure national compliance requirement efficiently.  

Our services 
We can offer help across all aspects of tax compliance, including: 

  • VAT & indirect tax compliance

  • Corporate tax

  • Transfer pricing

  • Personal income tax

  • Support with tax authorities’ audit

  • Strategic compliance advice

  • Preparation, completion, and submission of the annual income tax return and relevant supporting schedules

  • Checking of all assessments and statement of accounts received in respect of annual tax returns, including revised assessments

  • Lodging notices of objection and appeals against incorrect or disputed assessments

  • Attending to queries from SARS on your behalf in respect of any contentious or disputed matters

  • Preparation and submission of provisional tax returns and advise on the extent of appropriate provisional tax payments

  • Registration of taxpayer for SARS e-filing and any amendments to the e-filing profile

  • Registration as income taxpayer, provisional taxpayer, PAYE registrations, Customs registrations and/or registration as VAT vendor

  • Attending to tax clearance certificates

  • Completion of Dividend Withholding tax returns

  • Completion of Interest Withholding tax returns, including bi-annual and annual returns

  • Completion of Royalties Withholding tax returns

  • Attending to and acting as your tax advisor in all matters which you specifically refer to us

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