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We supply established time and attendance systems and clock in solutions. What sets us apart is our drive to provide service excellence, as well as an innovative, proprietary web-based software, combined with fingerprint technology to ensure reliable, accurate, real-time data.

We specialize in web-based time and attendance, allowing you to access all your staff's attendance records and complete your payroll from a central location at any time, with ease.

Time and Attendance

With our Time & Attendance solution you can make sure that all your staff are where they are
supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there. We offer full integration into many payroll
platforms and this advanced system is designed for many businesses, from a single site office to
large multiple-site corporations as well as the public sector.

- Reduce Wage Bill
- Employ Less Admin Staff
- Easily Manage Multiple Sites
- Lower Cost on Remote Sites
- Increase Staff Productivity
- Get Accurate, Real-Time Data
- View Data Anywhere
- Data is backed up
- Unlimited email and telephonic support


Cost Effective
Our system is designed and proven to reduce administration expenses while still improving controls and gaining accuracy in your recording

of time and attendance. In all businesses, hours and minutes can be directly translated into Rands and Cents.


Fingerprint technology forms a core part of our solution, which means that staff can't buddy clock for each other, and you are assured that you aren't paying any ghost staff. This all means that you have greater accuracy in your staff's time and attendance, and payroll.


Multiple Site Management

Through our advanced wireless technology, you are given the correct tools to monitor your employee movements, and time and attendance on multiple sites simultaneously. This is a simple and easy process, providing you with a streamlined service and much needed peace of mind.


Increased Productivity
Our Time and Attendance solutions reduces the time it takes to run payroll, and at the same time increase data accuracy, by automating the transfer of time-keeping information. This leads to increased productivity as well as saving business costs.


Intuitive And User Friendly
We are committed to providing flexible and advanced services,

able to suit many businesses with unique requirements.


Proprietary Software
To ensure that you get a better and better solution,

we make regular improvements to our software and service.


Comprehensive, Secure and Stress-Free Monitoring
Your time and attendance monitoring information can be accessed through your computer or on the move on your laptop.

Specific security levels allow you to decide what level of system access yougive your system administrators.


Tailor-Made And Feature Rich Application
Our time and attendance solution, is an innovative and feature rich application. The strength of this solution is that it can be adjusted to suit almost any requirements.

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